What’s Going on with Youtube

eSome of your may have noticed the anger and frustration with Content Creators in the last few weeks due to the latest algorithm change for YouTube, its frustrating for not only for the creators but for viewers and subscribers who have been unsubscribed from some Vloggers that they follow. I, myself, have been affected and […]

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The Arrival of Facebook Games

For the past two days, I have been introduced to the magical world of Facebook Games. Now gaming on Facebook is not a new concept, we have had games on Facebook for years, but in the last few days FB has upped its game (pardon the pun!) with the use of Facebook Messenger in order […]

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A Lookback over Semester One

*In this series, I plan to put content up on my blog throughout the month of December. I am challenging myself to do this in order to fully flesh out what kind of content I want to create on my blog and see what I can come up with.* Today is the first┬áday of December […]

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