What is Open Access?

In today’s world the internet has become a place where everyone can voice their opinions and concerns about how messed up the ‘real world’ is. I am of the generation who first began having internet in their homes, we were taught how to use Microsoft Office from the age of 7 and so I grew […]

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Working with Computer Vision

Recently I attended a workshop by Dr Giles Birgel in which he spoke about the use of Computer Vision software in Digital Humanities. As someone who is passionate about Digital Curation, I found this workshop hugely beneficial as it gave a look at some of the programmes that can be used in this field. The […]

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The Politics of Social Media

During my DH6004 class this week, we watched a film called The Internet’s Own Boy, a documentary about one of the founders of Reddit, Aaron Swartz, who sadly died in 2013 aged just 26. Aside from helping to create Reddit, Swartz became a spokesperson for internet users during campaigns to bring in censorship laws like […]

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