Delving into the Crazy World of Digital Humanities

*Waves* Hello!

This is week 7 of my new life not only as a mature student, but as a Digital Humanities student, and it has taken me 7 weeks in college, along with one week of having the flu, to fully embrace the world of digital humanities.

The transition has not been easy for me. But instead of dipping my toes in slowly like I thought I should have, I spent the bones of 1 hour going through my IPad Air, deleting and installing apps that were either recommended to us in class or app that I had used before for study that I found useful. I will do a post about the apps that I found useful for my degree at a later stage but since I did it, I am tending to rely more on my tablet for day to day college but only time will tell whether it will stick or not.

Now, if you excuse me I’m off to buy a case for my tablet!!