The End of First Year

This time last week, I was revising for the final exam of the semester and I was procrastinating by making plans for the summer. One of those plans was to commit to posting on my site more than I had been over the past few months. And to start it off I thought it would be a good idea to give an impression of what my first year in Digital Humanities was like.

From what I have gathered from other people, Digital Humanities was much more intensive than other degrees and, to be honest, sometimes the workload got to me but I quickly realised how important time management is and the importance of the work life balance. Long-time readers of my blog will know that I am an organised person by nature, but with deadlines and such I really felt like I had to up my game and this has given me a good indication what is expected for the second year and beyond. It has also given me a chance to work on my planning skills which I will talk about during the summer.

Altogether we had approx 11 subjects completed throughout the year via semesters. This helped to split the workload and also allowed us to focus on a smaller amount of subjects at a time. Some of the subjects included: Fundamentals of Internet Computing, E-Commerce, Multimedia, Python Programming along with three separate Digital Humanities modules. The subjects gave us both a practical and a theoreticial approach to the modules which will aid us while we progress and even during Work Experience.

As some of your may know, I chose to study English as a minor subject and although it added to the workload, I was very happy with my choice as throughout the year I discovered how interconnected both fields are. This will benefit me hugely for my final year project in third year and I will be very interested to learn how projects are combining English and Digital Humanities in order to benefit others. Because, in my opinion, that is what Digital Humanities is all about.