Apps That Got Me Through First Year

During my first year of college I decided that I would try and go 100% digital for my studies as I had never done that before, I am more of a paper girl, after all. There were some positives and some negatives to the experience and I think, going into second year I will try and have a more 50/50 approach to things. Between all of this I did find three apps that really made things much easier for me and I thought that I would share them with you!

  1. Notability: This is one of the best apps I have tried in recent year as it is a great all in one tool. Primarily it is a note-taking app but it can also be used to annotate PDFs and can be synced across multiple devices using cloud software like iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive to name a few. What I like about Notability is that you can also record lectures using it so you don’t have to worry about taking  everything your lecturer says to you. YouTube channels like Life is Messy and Brilliant  has a range of tutorials to help you get the most out of Notability. I am definitely going to be using this app going forward into my college education.
  2. Trello: Trello is basically like a running todo list but you can divide your list into ‘boards’ or projects and plan out your workload accordingly. I used this a lot during my final few months of college and I needed somewhere other than my bullet journal to plan out what exactly needs to be done for each module. You are also able to track your time spent on a project with Toggl through your Trello app which helped me see how much time I was spending on each subject.
  3. Google Drive: Because my university offers us unlimited Google Drive Storage while at college, it is a lot easier for me to use Google Drive for all my coursework. This means that all my assignments all go into my Google Drive and my notes from Notability.

                                              Let me know what applications you use for college!!

Are Self Driving Cars the Future?

Two days ago, I tweeted about a video that Markiplier uploaded where he played a game where he had to make the decision as to who would survive or die in a car accident where an Autonomous Car was involved.  This made me begin to wonder about the field of  Autonomous Cars and where the technology could go next.

As I’m sure you care all aware, Self-Driving Cars are not just things that could happen, they are indeed happening right now. Google has done pretty substantial research into the project and by using sensors and software to distinguish where the car is going and who is on the car, the self-drive car could become a very influential piece of technology. However, there are some flaws in the software that Markiplier highlighted in his video. For instance, if you were in a self-driving car and there was an incident where the car had to make the call whether to save the occupants or the people outside the car in the general area, who would the car choose to save? It is this kind of moral compass that the technology is missing right now and that could have serious repercussions if not addressed. Saying that however there are some incredible pros attached to the self-driving car since 81% of car crashes are due to human error then it would be wise to think that the number of car fatalities could decrease if enough people began to use the self-drive cars but as I have said there could be some issues with that too. Self-driving cars would also be hugely beneficial for people with special needs in order for them to get around independently and safely. The oblivious one would be that the application for a Driver’s Licence could be shorter as you mightn’t have to go through the same procedure’s, if any, to obtain a  Driver’s License to operate the car.

Of course, the pure cost of putting a self-driving car on the road could be so huge, at first, that not everyone will be able to afford the new technology and thus make it exclusive to the elite of society. From a security standpoint, we are not sure how easy or difficult it could be to hack into the car’s computer which could lead to unknown consequences like data breaches.

Which I think is why this technology is so interesting as we don’t fully know what the full extent of this technology would be and yet it seems like it is coming just around the corner. So, should we be worried about it and are we prepared enough for it??? I’ll let you guys figure it out for yourselves!