What’s Going on with Youtube

eSome of your may have noticed the anger and frustration with Content Creators in the last few weeks due to the latest algorithm change for YouTube, its frustrating for not only for the creators but for viewers and subscribers who have been unsubscribed from some Vloggers that they follow. I, myself, have been affected and have been unsubscribed from some of my favourite YouTubers without my knowledge or constant.

And if people like me are getting annoyed, imagine what the people who make a living out of YouTube are feeling right now! Some have addressed the issue, Jacksepticeye, for example, has said, “This is people’s careers…..To completely switch how you do things and not tell anybody is a shitty thing to do.” And he’s right, especially for the smaller channels who are trying so hard to get noticed but are being pushed aside by videos in the trending menu.

One of the biggest YouTubers PewDiePie is so frustrated with the changes that he has vowed to delete his channel as soon as it hits 50 Million Subscribers. Which if you didn’t know is a feat not been done on YouTube before. Ironically his Vlog announcing his decision is no. 44 of the Trending list at the time of writing this! But this just goes to show the seriousness of this situation and  if YouTube doesn’t address these changes then it could spell the end of the powerhouse that is YouTube.


At the end of PewDiePie’s video he did say that he was meeting with people from YouTube to try and figure out what has gone wrong so if there is any update from that going forward then this article will be updated accordingly but as of right now, December 3rd, there is no update on the situation. The question is if YouTube doesn’t make the changes that its audience and creators desperately want, where will people go to publish their videos?? YouTube has been at the forefront of this area for so long, is there any site that could take over from YouTube? Only time will tell how this will unfold.