Nerve and Blue Whale : A Look at Online Truth or Dare Games

A while ago I watched a film called Nerve, which is a teen drama where is based around a online truth or dare which stars Emma Roberts and Dave Franco. In the film, the stakes are very high and the prizes for completing a dare is various amounts of money. While watching it, my friend and I kept saying how believable it was that people could get wrapped up in a fad and would test it to the limit. We saw it last summer with PokemonGo, where there was a large amount of accidents due to people playing the game and the only reward was to catch imaginary creatures. Don’t get me wrong, I played the game just like half the country but thankfully, I didn’t injure myself playing it.

Another fad that came to mind when I was watching Nerve was the NekNominations which were dares done online in order to see what kind of mix of alcohol people could drink in a certain amount of time. The videos were uploaded online for others to see. To me, this bears a striking similarity to the plot of Nerve due to the huge risk attached to the dares themselves. what made my uneasy was how close we have gotten to this kind of fad, and maybe this is a wake-up call for people so that a real-life Nerve doesn’t happen.

In recent days another ‘game’ as come to the forefront, called Blue Whale, in which teenagers are challenged to complete 50 tasks ranging in severity going so far as to self harm as part of the game. What makes me uneasy is how close we have gotten to the plot of this film, and that terrifies me and the worry is; how much further can these games go in the future?