Are Self Driving Cars the Future?

Two days ago, I tweeted about a video that Markiplier uploaded where he played a game where he had to make the decision as to who would survive or die in a car accident where an Autonomous Car was involved.  This made me begin to wonder about the field of  Autonomous Cars and where the technology could go next.

As I’m sure you care all aware, Self-Driving Cars are not just things that could happen, they are indeed happening right now. Google has done pretty substantial research into the project and by using sensors and software to distinguish where the car is going and who is on the car, the self-drive car could become a very influential piece of technology. However, there are some flaws in the software that Markiplier highlighted in his video. For instance, if you were in a self-driving car and there was an incident where the car had to make the call whether to save the occupants or the people outside the car in the general area, who would the car choose to save? It is this kind of moral compass that the technology is missing right now and that could have serious repercussions if not addressed. Saying that however there are some incredible pros attached to the self-driving car since 81% of car crashes are due to human error then it would be wise to think that the number of car fatalities could decrease if enough people began to use the self-drive cars but as I have said there could be some issues with that too. Self-driving cars would also be hugely beneficial for people with special needs in order for them to get around independently and safely. The oblivious one would be that the application for a Driver’s Licence could be shorter as you mightn’t have to go through the same procedure’s, if any, to obtain a  Driver’s License to operate the car.

Of course, the pure cost of putting a self-driving car on the road could be so huge, at first, that not everyone will be able to afford the new technology and thus make it exclusive to the elite of society. From a security standpoint, we are not sure how easy or difficult it could be to hack into the car’s computer which could lead to unknown consequences like data breaches.

Which I think is why this technology is so interesting as we don’t fully know what the full extent of this technology would be and yet it seems like it is coming just around the corner. So, should we be worried about it and are we prepared enough for it??? I’ll let you guys figure it out for yourselves!


A Fangirl’s VR Presentation


Today I gave a presentation in front of my class in my Digital Humanities Class with Orla Murphy. We were allowed to choose the topic and I decided to go with the use of Virtual Reality in Pop Culture. Although there are many uses of VR which were also highlighted today in other presentations, I find the beginning of VR concerts and experiences to be very exciting and interesting both as a Digital Humanities student and as a Pop Culture fan! Here is my presentation:


Social Media, Millennials and the American Election

It’s been a few days since the American Election and it has taken me even longer to try and get my thoughts together in order to write an article about it. And yes, like many of you I was heartbroken with the result; but this is not a post ranting about the result because there is enough of them. No, this is an article about the young people who voted, and their impact on our future.


To those of you who voted, congratulations! You have made your voice heard. And perhaps the result wasn’t the one you wanted, but apparently if it just up to you guys, Clinton could have won the election, and that makes me very hopeful for the future.

Source: Forbes/ NY Times
Source: Forbes/ NY Times

You went out with such fury and took to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to name a few and voiced your hopes and dreams of the future. You were more than likely inspired by personalities online like Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Lady Gaga in order to go out and vote for what you believe in, in the hope that your vote would change things. And in a way it did. By using your Social Media platforms to post about the election and going out to vote, you showed older generations that you are not to be taken for granted and that you do matter. We saw how hard you worked and how much you wanted the dream of a female president to become a reality.

But right now, the worst thing you can do is give up because that it what they want. So, what should you do? Get involved, stand up for what you believe in, educate yourself on other issues you are interested in and help to educate others so that one bit at a time we can help to change our world for the better!! Because as it is said in the Hunger Games series; “Hope. It is the only thing stronger than fear’ And right now I have hope in the young people, I only hope that you have the same feeling about yourselves.

Delving into the Crazy World of Digital Humanities

*Waves* Hello!

This is week 7 of my new life not only as a mature student, but as a Digital Humanities student, and it has taken me 7 weeks in college, along with one week of having the flu, to fully embrace the world of digital humanities.

The transition has not been easy for me. But instead of dipping my toes in slowly like I thought I should have, I spent the bones of 1 hour going through my IPad Air, deleting and installing apps that were either recommended to us in class or app that I had used before for study that I found useful. I will do a post about the apps that I found useful for my degree at a later stage but since I did it, I am tending to rely more on my tablet for day to day college but only time will tell whether it will stick or not.

Now, if you excuse me I’m off to buy a case for my tablet!!