The Issue with Grief

At the beginning of this week, I lost someone very important to me; an Grandaunt of mine who was one of my closest family members and one of my role models in life. She helped me grieve for my grandmother, her sister, over 10 years ago and she also helped me to grow into the person I am now. She loved fiercely,  lived fearlessly and she taught me how no matter hard life gets, there is always a way to be positive.

Photo by Tobi from Pexels

My first holiday was visiting her and my Uncle when I was 5, we would often visit them during the summer and I would always hate leaving them; mainly because they were like two big kids themselves living alone in a bungalow that my uncle built near the bottom of a mountain in the middle of nowhere outside Roundstone. I challenge anyone to find two people who looked so different but yet so perfect for one another. They met in the U.K. but came home to help support my Uncle’s Mother who was ill. But they made it work and they were as strong as anything; if you wanted #RelationshipGoals then these two was it.

When I heard the news on Saturday of my Aunt’s passing, I was upset and heartbroken, she was one of the few remaining members of my Grandmother’s family left here in Ireland and she, as I mentioned above, was someone that I loved dearly. What hit me was all of the things that I never got to tell her about, the important stuff like I’m starting my internship in September and I’ve finally discovered why THAT time of the month is difficult for me and the fact that but also the smaller stuff like how I’m finally aware of how much I look like my Grandmother or that after years of rebelling against dresses I’ve realised that my body type suits dresses and high-waisted skirts.  In hindsight, this is probably why my Grandaunts wore dresses as we all seem to share that Pear Shape (small waist/wide hips) body type.

I’ve experienced grief before; that the problem with having a large elderly family, and yes, grief effects people in different ways but for me, it helps to remind you how much of an effect these people had on you when they were alive. And this is all the reason why we should take each day as it comes and to remember what they have taught us. But it is always important that we take the time to grieve for those we have lost and figure out what your world will look like now that these people are no longer part of your world.

So, let’s keep going hmm? For those we’ve lost xx

The First One

This is the first post on my new blog, it’s both terrifying and kind of nice to be able to start afresh on a fresh new site without having any stress or worry about whether the content will suit the site or not.

But for now, this is going to be about anything and everything that I comes into my head. Ramblings is what I’m going with but who really knows what I’m going to talk about. This is a blank canvas for me and my thoughts, which is exactly what I need right now. There’s a lot of changes going to be happening for me over the next few months so it will be nice to document it all here.